Saturday, March 2, 2013

More skin than Handsome Liked By Women

Leather is preferred by women. Might be a thing seems odd that handsome guy turned out not so favored by women, but it happens according to the latest research. But there are factors that turned out to be a target for every woman's skin is.

Healthy skin can be an important factor that determines the success of a person to get a couple in love and sex.

Not many people know that women are actually more attracted to men who have healthy skin than a handsome man.

Previous research has shown that heterosexual women are more interested in masculine-looking men with healthy skin, the man with the characteristic protruding cheekbones, thick eyebrows, and a relatively oval face, the jaw line, especially when the women in their fertile period.

The researchers speculate that women instinctively choose masculine men because this side is a sign of good health, which can be passed down to their children.

But now, Ian Stephen, a psychologist from Nottingham University found that the yellowish hue of skin which is a natural health and tend to make people interested.

To be sure, Stephen and his colleagues took a photo of 41 people face a dark and 34 bright-faced. They find out how attractive the faces in the photographs.

Researchers examined skin color by using a computer program to determine any facial masculinity.

"We use mathematical techniques to a computer to compare the shape of their faces," Stephen said as quoted by Live Science.

The researchers showed the photos to 32 white women and 30 black women, then asked how attractive the faces in the photo.

In a research report published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, the researchers found that masculinity in the face of less important than the color of skin.

The researchers found that masculine faces had no effect on the interest while the skin feel more impact on interest.

Women also do not much care about the color of the skin in men or other ethnic characteristics. Researchers found that women are not able to detect differences in skin color in men of other ethnicities.

"Shades of gold in the skin can be obtained from caretenoid pigments of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Pigments of plants is expected to improve the health and fertility. Our study shows that being healthy can be the best way for men to look attractive. Skin looks healthier by eating more fruits and vegetables, "said Stephen.

From now on, is a good thing for men when more and more consumption of fruits and vegetables, not only for good health, but to get healthier skin and attractive.